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Lessons for a Good Boy – My Story II

I was home-kindergartened. It’s a thing. Don’t pity me; I loved it. I was CEO of memorizing which shapes all the letters are. I can run my fingers through the air right now to remind them of the satisfying texture of macaroni graphemes glued to construction paper. Read More

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Same-Sex Attraction & Identity, Side of Fruit

I’ve tried to write this piece a handful of times. It’s the post that comes after “Why I Say ‘I’m Gay.'” The one that tells you what I mean when I say ‘I’m gay.’ There’s a lot of detail between “we’re here, we’re queer” and “love is love” that often gets glossed. Baby steps. Read More

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Grief, Ten Years In

Content Warning! Discretion is advised.

Today, I’ve lived exactly ten years without my father. Not that I was by his side every living moment preceding this last decade—rather it is ten years since there was such a place as beside him. Ten years since I carried the knowledge that somewhere he is working, thinking, sleeping, that somewhere his heart is beating. This is January thirtieth—the day he died. Read More

Church-Goers Squad 2: Big Trendy Christian Conference – VIDEO

Several years ago I drew a silly cartoon about my friends. I’m now older and wiser, so I did it again. I thought I’d share it here to prove I’m not always serious and sappy and can be fun even. I won’t try to explain Read More

A man in the northern lights

In Protest of Intimacy. In Protest of Solitude.

Tonight the sky was alive with the Northern Lights. It seemed like I was staring out from within a campfire. The lights were white and fiery, stunningly fast, like the translucent trail of a geisha’s robe in the swift and patchy animation of an art film. In a moment a quarter of the sky was illuminated, and in the next it faded to a star-speckled black. I swear I felt their presence, almost believing they were spirits rushing across the void. Read More

My Story Begins – The World From the Backseat

Content Warning! Discretion is advised.

Do you remember how the world looked from the backseat? Read More

Why I Say “I’m Gay”

I wanted to tell you what I mean by “gay.” But that fell apart. I kept getting stuck on words. They’re complicated. We need words to have voices, but sometimes they prevent us from being heard. I keep coming back to how a symbol’s meaning depends on its context: to how that symbol will hook to a patterned scheme of neurons in your brain constructed based on unique experiences, entailing that the thought triggered is necessarily different from mine or anyone else’s…

Dalton, slow down. Gosh. Let’s try something else. Read More

A New Blog; A Third Voice

Hi everyone, I’m Dalton.

If you’re interested, I would love to tell you what I think.

If you’ve met me in the flesh, you likely know that I am sort of a loudmouth: a bit of an opinion machine. Ipso facto, it should not surprise you that my narcissistic self-broadcast has overflowed to this new endeavour. Sure. I won’t deny it. I’m a narcissist. Still, humour me for a few more paragraphs. Read More